108. A Day in the Life of Bruce

February 4, 2024

Ever found yourself chuckling at the absurdities of airline travel or the tightrope walk of work-life balance? Join us, Bruce and Clark, as we swap tales from the corporate trenches and share strategies to conquer the chaos. We're not holding back; from the unpredictable thrills of business trips to the West Coast to juggling jet lag and dietary dilemmas, we're peeling back the curtain on the not-so-glamorous side of working on the go.

As we steer through the labyrinth of airline loyalty programs, we question whether the pursuit of status is a fool's game for the casual traveler. Our conversation takes a sharp turn into the evolving culture of alcohol consumption among different generations, before we tackle the thorny issues surrounding the EU's Digital Markets Act and the potential ripples it could create in app development and consumer choice. Who knew a chat about app distribution could be as gripping as your favorite thriller? Well, buckle up, because we're also forecasting the trajectory of wearable tech and how it could shift our digital landscape.

Wrapping up with some heart-to-heart moments, we dive into the art of maintaining sanity amidst the daily grind. From crafting a morning routine that doesn't start with the dreaded alarm to the art of conducting meetings without losing your soul, we've got anecdotes and advice aplenty. And don't miss our playful debate on handshake etiquette—because in our world, even the smallest interactions are up for discussion. So, whether you're a startup maverick or a seasoned business traveler, take a seat at our table and let's navigate this wild ride together.

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