We are like you... just a little more jaded.

What started as a joke over Japanese fast food turned into a dream come true, the dream of recording a half-hour-long podcast about our work lives every week. Our goal is to help those like us who found themselves treading water in the land of Corporate. We seek to educate others on the tips and tricks your organization doesn't want you to know cause they will probably have to pay you more.

Who are these guys?

The Hosts

Bruce Bangers

Bruce has over 10 years of Enterprise Tech experience including 5 years in development, 3 years in field technical sales and is currently serving as a marketing-mad-man.

Clark Cheddermovments

Clark has over 10 years of Tech + Business experience including 5 years in software development, some time multi-threading between engineer, scrum master, and product owner and now leading a global product management team.

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