107. Be Better

February 4, 2024

Ever questioned the quirky origins of phrases like "cut your teeth"? Prepare to have your mind tickled with linguistic trivia, as we explore the unexpected roots of corporate speak and how it reflects our personal and professional growth. Our Corporate Strategy family welcomes Chief Podcast Topic Submitter Officer Squid Boy, celebrating his contribution to the whirlwind of discussions we share. Plus, we've got a life hack for Discord users that will change the way you manage those overwhelming notifications.

From examining the bold choice of livestreaming layoffs to candidly sharing the trials of parenting, we traverse a broad spectrum of real-life experiences. We break down the viral impact of corporate transparency and the ongoing pursuit of gender equality in the office. Our guests share personal tales, from Bruce's airport antics to navigating awkward social scenarios, and we collectively query the evolving landscape of workplace interactions and the power of the words we choose.

Join us as we dissect the culture of inefficient meetings and the art of concise communication—because no one enjoys a meeting that should've been an email. Armed with anecdotes and a dash of humor, we're here to guide you through improving your professional practices for a more respectful, honest, and efficient work environment. And remember, always keep your belongings close, your humor closer, and your Discord notifications under control.

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