100: This Could Have Been an Email... Again

February 4, 2024

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Who knew emojis could become the language of a podcast? Welcome to our centennial milestone episode of Corporate Strategy podcast, where we've used emojis to do the talking! As we reminisce our shared experiences over Thanksgiving and query about striking the right work-life balance, we also navigate through several diverse and stimulating topics.

Curious about brain implants or frustrated with Apple's messaging standards? Well, you won't want to miss our engaging conversation revolving around these and the trust we put in the FDA approval process. We then rekindle our classic debate, pitching meetings against emails, drawing examples from Sam Altman's Open AI situation. Agile methodologies, enhancing communication strategies, and improving project management are also on our discussion plate, all aiming to showcase how a productive work culture can be built and sustained.

And as a special treat, we have our guest, Restrepo, joining us in our Discord community where we will exchange thoughts on late-stage capitalism and much more. So, gear up for an enlightening blend of corporate strategy insights, a dash of humor, and thought-provoking discussions in our 100th episode. Let's continue to learn, laugh, and grow together in this extraordinary journey.

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